Independent film and series distribution

Mercury Media International has ceased trading and went into liquidation on 7 August 2014.

On behalf of the staff, shareholders and clients of Mercury Media we would like to thank everyone connected with the company who since April 2000 worked with the staff and management to build it into the proud distribution company it was. Over that period with the help of countless individuals it won a deserved reputation for distributing some of the worlds finest documentary films to broadcasters, streaming platforms, DVD outlets and airlines globally. Its success was built upon a attracting great films, building relationships with the worlds foremost broadcast outlets and delivering to the highest quality broadcast standards. The decision to close Mercury was made after the owner and controlling share-holder was diagnosed in July 2012 with terminal brain, lung and thyroid cancer which he is receiving ongoing treatment for. Despite making every effort to keep running Mercury as a going concern, after undergoing two brain tumour removal surgeries, plus a number of other surgical treatments and suffering ongoing deterioration the decision to put Tim’s health ahead of Mercury’s was made in August 2014. Tim thanks all those people and companies who have stuck with him through this challenging time and wishes them well for the future. Tim will continue to work sporadically as circumstances allow or until he dies, though for all intents and purposes he has officially retired from the media industry after a twenty five year career. Tim would like to thank Mercury’s share-holders and his wife Vidya who have stuck with him through this challenging time. An announcement in the media trade press will be made soon after he dies.

Should you need to speak to some about Mercury Media please call the Liquidators, Antony Batty & Company LLP on 02078311234 or email